Oh Silhouette Cameo, where would I be without you?!

I bought a Silhouette Cameo a year and half ago and have recently discovered how to cut out VINYL!!!  AAAAAAck...everything in my house is monogrammed or labeled.  Here is a couple pics of the fancy shmancy hello/goodbye I made for our entry door.  LOVE IT!!!! 

2013 Where did the time go?!

WOW, it's been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I've added anything to my blog.  And I'm currently having trouble posting our 2013 opening page because I have a 1 yr old helper right now.  hahaha  What a YEAR!!!  I had forgotten how hard it is to have a new baby...it's only been 10 years since we had our last little one.  Time sure flies, especially when you're having fun!  So, it's a new year with new goals.  1rst goal is to get on this PL scrapbook!!!!!  Wooooohooooo!!   All the goodies used on my opener you can find at the new and fabulous Pixels & Co.  Thanks for peeking!  

Project Life- Week 4

Can't believe the first month of our family yearbook has been completed!!! I have to admit this was the hardest week so far, motivation was.........LOW! I really didn't take many photos this week so that might have been part of it...not a lot of inspiration. SO, this next week my goal is to tote my camera around with me and try my best to get lots of shots to use for the week. I think I'll get the rest of the family on board too! I have some pretty talented kids! Hope your day is going AWESOME!

Project Life- Week 3

So, it's the end of week three and I'm still having a blast with this project! It's definitely motivated me to take more photos of our everyday happenings, which is great. I think I've taken more pics the last three weeks than I have this last year! Im also so glad that I decided to go the digi route! My goal is to put all these pages into a storybook and print copies so each of my kiddie have one. I have run into a couple snags though! First, there are ALOT of super cool little add-ons and am finding that I MIGHT have a few too many. I know, you can never have too many, right?! But here's the deal, in PSE , as far as I know, it's not possible to view two page layouts side by side. Okay, it might be possible, I just don't know how. If any of my readers know how let me know! Anyway, what I'm finding is that I'll create my first layout for the first half of the week and by the time I'm starting the second I've bought NEW goodies to try and incorporate those into the new layout. I decided to try to upload the layouts side by side and noticed they don't match, there isn't a very good flow. Sooooooooo, I'm still working on my system, we'll see how it develops the next couple weeks!

Project Life- Opening Page

I finally got my opening page done!!  Wooooohoooooo for me!  I LOVE the way it turned out, I used Everyday Life from Weeds & Wildflowers..I think this is my new favorite kit, again! hee hee  It's perfect for this project.  Happy scrapping everyone!

Project Life- Week 2

WOW, I can't believe that we're already two weeks into the New Year!!!  Things are finally getting back to normal around here following a hectic Holiday season.  I love the fact that I can use the different PL templates digitally..I think my favorite so far is B but we'll see!  Thanks for stopping in, if you're doing your own PL I'd love for you to send me a link to your pages!!! Happy weekend!

Project Life- Content I'm Using...

Here are a few kits I've collected and have or am planning on using in our family yearbook.  If you see something you like click the image and you'll be directed to the website where you can purchase the kit for your project!!! :D 

Project Life- Week 1

I'm sure that just like me you've heard alot of chatter about Project Life, I finally decided to check it out and see WHAT'S UP?!  I am soooooo glad that I did, I don't think I've been this excited about scrapbooking in a LONNNNGGG time!!!  What a simple way to document my family's life!  So here I am, elbow deep in my own PL which I am fondly calling The Goode Family Yearbook.  I zoomed over to Amazon and purchased the Clementine Core kit..some pages and an album and four days later I was eagerly opening the boxes.  As many of you know..I'm really not a great traditional scrapper no matter how many times I've tried and the bazillion dollars I've spent on beautiful paper and supplies!  At the time I purchased the kit and whatnot I didn't realize that you could purchase these same kits from Jessica Sprague digitally!   So here I am, using awesome templates and wonderful kits to create my yearbook.  I'm gathering photos that I have taken throughout the week and documenting what went on in our lives, one week at a time.  I can't wait to print a yearbook for each of my children, that's the cool thing about creating a yearbook digitally!!  I havn't created the intro page yet..I'll get on that soon!!  THANKS FOR STOPPING IN!!

Amy Jaz Designs NEW RELEASE: Fresh Start

I know I've said it before but, I LOVE THESE COLORS!!!  To check out this super cute kit CLICK HERE!

Stationery card

Hoops Star Birthday Invitation
Custom birthday cards and Valentine's Day cards by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Totally Rad!

You know how much I love Design House Digital, right?!  Well, I won a fantastic giveaway from Totally Rad! for playing at DHD for Digital Scrapbooking Day, what a crazy surprise!!!  I won the RadLab package which is basically "78 Bitchin Tools" to make my photographs look awesome..and let me confirm they are freakin' bitchin'!  I totally suck at making my photos look vintagy..is that a word?!..well, if it isn't it is now!  Anyway, I've spent the last few hours screwing around and I wanted to share with you the coolness of these filters...
So this is a photo from a trip to Kauai...pretty much as edited and sharpened as I can manage on my own...then here comes the bitchin tools...
Shizam...I LOVE THIS!!!  I used two filters...Maple and Meadowlark..soooooo easy, and this is what I have wanted my photos to look like FOREVER!!!  I have to share one more..

OooOooOOoh..and I loved this one too!!!  I used Flared Up-Golden and Pross-Crossessed #2..   So if I go missing just look for me goofing around with all these crazy filters..  Thanks again DHD and Totally Rad!  Go check 'em out!!

30 Day Photo Challenge!- Day 11-16

Many- The only thing I could think of are all the rolls and chins my baby has!! hahahaha
Someone I love- BOSTON!
Weather- This photo was taken at an angle looking up at the sky when it was snowing.  I used the auto contrast option and this was the result, I thought it was cool!  This is not at all how the original looked!
Favorite Thing- My iPad!!..and pillow!
Close-Up- Bozzies eye {it's a little creepy, isn't it?!}
Animal- Lilly

100% Trouble

I was recently contacted to do a review on some scrapbook software and this is the first page I created using it.  Unfortunately I really did not like the software and will be sticking with PSE9 and Storybook Creator Plus software!!!  :D