Project Life- Week 3

So, it's the end of week three and I'm still having a blast with this project! It's definitely motivated me to take more photos of our everyday happenings, which is great. I think I've taken more pics the last three weeks than I have this last year! Im also so glad that I decided to go the digi route! My goal is to put all these pages into a storybook and print copies so each of my kiddie have one. I have run into a couple snags though! First, there are ALOT of super cool little add-ons and am finding that I MIGHT have a few too many. I know, you can never have too many, right?! But here's the deal, in PSE , as far as I know, it's not possible to view two page layouts side by side. Okay, it might be possible, I just don't know how. If any of my readers know how let me know! Anyway, what I'm finding is that I'll create my first layout for the first half of the week and by the time I'm starting the second I've bought NEW goodies to try and incorporate those into the new layout. I decided to try to upload the layouts side by side and noticed they don't match, there isn't a very good flow. Sooooooooo, I'm still working on my system, we'll see how it develops the next couple weeks!

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