Totally Rad!

You know how much I love Design House Digital, right?!  Well, I won a fantastic giveaway from Totally Rad! for playing at DHD for Digital Scrapbooking Day, what a crazy surprise!!!  I won the RadLab package which is basically "78 Bitchin Tools" to make my photographs look awesome..and let me confirm they are freakin' bitchin'!  I totally suck at making my photos look that a word?!..well, if it isn't it is now!  Anyway, I've spent the last few hours screwing around and I wanted to share with you the coolness of these filters...
So this is a photo from a trip to Kauai...pretty much as edited and sharpened as I can manage on my own...then here comes the bitchin tools...
Shizam...I LOVE THIS!!!  I used two filters...Maple and Meadowlark..soooooo easy, and this is what I have wanted my photos to look like FOREVER!!!  I have to share one more..

OooOooOOoh..and I loved this one too!!!  I used Flared Up-Golden and Pross-Crossessed #2..   So if I go missing just look for me goofing around with all these crazy filters..  Thanks again DHD and Totally Rad!  Go check 'em out!!

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