Project Life- Week 1

I'm sure that just like me you've heard alot of chatter about Project Life, I finally decided to check it out and see WHAT'S UP?!  I am soooooo glad that I did, I don't think I've been this excited about scrapbooking in a LONNNNGGG time!!!  What a simple way to document my family's life!  So here I am, elbow deep in my own PL which I am fondly calling The Goode Family Yearbook.  I zoomed over to Amazon and purchased the Clementine Core kit..some pages and an album and four days later I was eagerly opening the boxes.  As many of you know..I'm really not a great traditional scrapper no matter how many times I've tried and the bazillion dollars I've spent on beautiful paper and supplies!  At the time I purchased the kit and whatnot I didn't realize that you could purchase these same kits from Jessica Sprague digitally!   So here I am, using awesome templates and wonderful kits to create my yearbook.  I'm gathering photos that I have taken throughout the week and documenting what went on in our lives, one week at a time.  I can't wait to print a yearbook for each of my children, that's the cool thing about creating a yearbook digitally!!  I havn't created the intro page yet..I'll get on that soon!!  THANKS FOR STOPPING IN!!

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