My "hybrid" project....

I really, really don't like to do hybrid projects!  But, since I've been on bedrest for almost two months and am getting so bored I thought I would give it a shot using the Think Spring Collab from Sugar Hill Co.  It seriously took me three hours to make this dinky card!  LOL!  I think I'll stick to digi layouts instead!


  1. I think you did a super job! Love your layout. I made cards for all my grandchildren at Christmas. They were pyramid type where you layer items. Took me forever to do the first one but after that it was quicker with the others even though they each had a different photo. Once I got the hang of how to reduce each photo for the pyramid it went quite fast.

    The end result was worth all the time as they just loved them and their parents asked me to make one for them too!!!

  2. LOL..I don't think I have it in me to do ANY MORE of those darn things...way beyond my current mental capacity! hahahaha But I do think practice would be helpful!!