If your StUcK or don't know where to StArT

There's a SOLUTION!!! ...and her name is Laurie Callison!!  She has created and compiled easy to use and fun templates for YOU! I admit I was a skeptic...isn't it kinda cheating????  Absolutely not..NO NO NO...it's so EASY to click on elements and add the paper you want or have an area designated for journaling already there for you.  It is now POSSIBLE for all the scaperbookers who don't think they ARTISTIC to be able to create gorgeous pages QUICKLY!!!  Laurie is helping us to save time; saving us from spending an hour (or more!) debating over the design of our pages. Check out her blog, I have it listed under the blogs I follow (Laurie Callison's Visual Vocabulary) and order one of her CD's.  Now you have NO excuse to get busy and create pages up the wazooo....yah, I'm talkin' to you mom!!  Yep..I'm no longer the skeptic, I'm HOOKED......I had so much fun creating the page above!!  Thanks Laurie for your awesome ideas and sharing with me your templates!! 
Laurie Callison's
Visual Vocabulary
This template is from the Vol. 5 CD..page 34


  1. great work, you have a very good blog. i am trying to creat one too i would really appreciate if you could visit and comment on what i have to improve on. click on the link to come to my blog.
    Gadgets . thanks

  2. thanks gadgets!!! i'll stop on by soon!

  3. Hi Macy!!! Love your layout! I took at peek at all of Laurie's templates. They are awesome. I *heart* templates. :)

  4. Macy, You are so sweet! I am so happy you liked the page layout templates!!! This is totally awesome! Thank you so much!